Sister Artists

My hand stitched block from a woman in Mali, halfway around the world arrived today. Now it’s up to me to make “grinding maize” into an art quilt to sell for The Advocacy Project. 1/2 the money goes to the Malian woman who is a Gender Based Violence survivor and 1/2 goes to teaching others to sew and sell their wares in a micro economy.

Documenting My Art

When I look back at all the art I’ve done in my life, I am sad I did not document so much of it. So, starting today this will be my space. Post a photo, date it, add a bit of commentary to give it context and voila, it’s documented!

“Rejoice” is a small Art Quilt made from cut up mono prints, stitched up under black toile and free motion quilted. Confetti fabric with sparkly embellishments highlight the cross this beginning of Holy Week, April 12, 2019.